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"Good ideas are not adopted automatically. They must be driven into practice with courageous patience." - Admiral Hyman Rickover.

Electrode In Place

As practicing dentists, Dr. Chan and Dr. Andary recognize and respect the importance of the relationships that exist between dentists and their clients, and between dentists and the laboratories with which they do business. The business model being pursued by Triumphant Athletics Group Inc. has been developed to strengthen those existing relationships.

The primary purpose of the undertaking by Dr. Chan and Dr. Andary is to assist their colleague dentists in breaking into the sports performance mouth guard sector without having to incur excessive expenses. To achieve this goal, Triumphant has put in place a foundation that best permits it to offer the AgilityGuard to the consumer at a very reasonable price. 

First, our approach is to train and certify a number of laboratories around the world to manufacture the AgilityGuard, and to as well train and certify a number of dentists to take the bite. We do not have any one laboratory with a monopoly on the manufacturing process. We are more interested in assisting dentists and their labs to strengthen their existing good relationships. 

To support the Chan-certified network of dentists and laboratories Dr. Chan has put into place a number of Regional Centers run by highly-trained professionals, personally selected by Dr. Chan. These professionals provide the hands-on training portion of the certification course, and where needed, are available to assist you in building your AgilityGuard practice. 

Secondly, the pricing structure to the consumer for the AgilityGuard will be set by you, the dentist, not by us. We have one, set, Lab Fee for each AgilityGuard, regardless of the type. Our belief is that it is not appropriate to dictate to dentists the value of their time, expertise and effort. The pricing decision will be left to the competitive forces of the market, and to the relationship between the dentist and the client. In that way, the client will receive the best value for money.

Thirdly, the sports performance business is an emerging market niche for dentists, that will allow you to attract new patients and to expand your relationships with existing patients. A prime example is the recent ruling of the US Golf Association permitting the use of mouthguards by golfers if acquired on the advise of a dentist. That ruling will stimulate an increase in traffic into your offices by golfers. The AgilityGuard will assist you to remain competitive and build out your practice more broadly. As a certified dentist, you will have access to the only family of performance-guards developed and approved by Dr. Chan.

A properly-managed AgilityGuard business will earn you a rewarding Return on Investment. Our pricing structure provides you with a best-of-class product that you can offer at a most competitive pricing, while leaving you with a substantial effective hourly rate for your expertise.