Speed Skating

Apolo Ohno2

Apolo Anton Ohno

Apolo Ohno is the most decorated Winter Olympic Athlete in US history, with 8 Olympic medals. He is a firm believer in the benefits of using an AgilityGuard, particularly in training for competition.

Apolo, who is as well a member of our Board of Advisors, is an advocate of the use of the AgilityGuard by athletes of all sports.

His recent book, Zero Regrets, tells his story of determination, perseverance and dedication to excellence, all attributes which he now sets out to share with others.

Travis Jayner   Ag

Travis Jayner

AgilityGuard Athlete, Travis Jayner, a Canadian by birth, represented the United States in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. He was a member of the 5000-metre relay team that included Apolo Ohno and that won the bronze medal. Travis recently competed in the US Short Track Speed Skating Championships, where he finished third overall and qualified to race both the individual and team events at the 2011 World Championships this coming March.

Liam Ortega  Us Champs 2011 4

Liam Ortega

Liam Ortega, who in 2007 made the US National Speed Skating Team, and who suffered a serious head injury thereafter, is a recent AgilityGuard user. " I started using the AgilityGuard in October, 2010. I immediately noticed a positive impact on my training, and have exceeded my own speed expectations and those of my coaches. More importantly...I felt very relaxed and balanced. I skated 2x 5km under my personal best for the distance and was pretty stoked. Things have been progressing in a positive direction since, and I am excited to see how I progress.  It has had countless performance benefits."

Kimani Griffin   Speedskating

Kimani Griffin

“I have noticed a significant improvement in my balance, strength, breathing, posture, and technique. Whether our training day consists of weightlifting, extensive bike rides, on-ice workouts, or dryland (off-ice) workouts, I always use my AgilityGuard. My mouthpiece allows me to skate lower, faster, and effortlessly, as well as giving me the ability to bring my heart rate down faster post-workout. The first day training with my mouthpiece on-ice, I instantly shaved a half second off of my fastest lap time. The last competition of the season, in which I wore my Agility Guard, I took over a half second off of my 500-meter personal best, two full seconds off of my 1000-meter, and over two seconds off of my 1500-meter personal. You do the math”

US Short Track Speedskater, 2006-2007 USA Junior World Team Member

Jessica Smith   Speedskating

Jessica Smith

“The AgilityGuard helps me in those aspects of my skating that demand explosive power, like starting and sprinting. I am noticing a difference when pushing off each stride. Importantly, my AgilityGuard allows me to get into a lower position and become more balanced, leading to better overall dry land exercising.”

US Short Track Speedskater, Multiple-Time World and US Inline Skating Champion

AgilityGuard Specific Experience and Expected Research

AgilityGuard users consistently report increased flexibility, balance, core strength and explosive power. A recent study published by Dr. Shaun Arents and others of Rutgers Univeristy. "Effects of a neuromuscular dentistry- designed mouthguard on muscular endurance and anaerobic power", Comparative Exercise Physiology, Cambridge University Press, 2010, suggests an enhancement in peak power output, performance and repeated maximal efforts by individuals using a mouthguard based on Dr Chan's techniques. Triumphant is looking at pursuing formal research on the potential of the AgilityGuard to improve flexibility, balance, endurance, recovery, core strength and stability among other attributes.

Important to Note
It is important to understand that each individual is different, and that only you can determine whether an AgilityGuard would provide any potential improvement in your athletic performance. This is best determined by you visiting an AgilityGuard dentist nearest you and having him or her perform the Agility Test on you. Only then should you make a decision to purchase an AgilityGuard.