AgilityGuard swimmers include Rory Walker, 2009 Canadian National Champion in the 50 metre Fly in his age category, Christian Homer, Gold Medalist in the 50 metre Backstroke in the 2010 Youth Olympic Games, and Kimberlee John-Williams of the Trinidad and Tobago National Team.

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Christian Homer

"My name is Christian Homer and I am an elite swimmer. I first became aware of the AgilityGuard in 2010. I immediately saw that this device would have an impact on my training and racing. I got my AgilityGuard and immediately started using it in both in my pool sessions (which are two hours long) and my weights sessions (which last an hour and a half). From my first sessions using the AgilityGuard, the first thing I realized was that I was able to go harder for longer and not feel as tired after both my land and pool sessions. I found that I could push myself longer and not 'burn out' as quickly as I usually did. For example, I could hold my breath underwater for longer. I was able to move my butterfly kicks from five off of each wall to six in a matter of days and still feel comfortable. Now I do eight butterfly kicks off each wall at speed and I am able to hold my form and breath for the entire duration. My times in training became a lot faster, in some cases up to a second quicker over fifty meters, from the first time I used my AgilityGuard. In my weights sessions, I am able to achieve a greater range of movement in the exercises and lift heavier weights for higher repetitions. I believe that my AgilityGuard has a part to play in this development. I feel stronger, faster, and even at times more focused, when I am wearing it. With the AgilityGuard as a training aid, I was able to win a gold medal at the Youth Olympic Games. The AgilityGuard has indeed enhanced the way I am able to train and race."


It’s the core of every hardcore athlete. And every little bit helps. With AgilityGuards™ on your team, you’ll have an immediate advantage over your opponent from training day straight through to game day. 


Imagine always being one step ahead. Accelerating, reacting, and competing faster than before. Improve your overall speed and reaction time and you’ll improve the way you play. AgilityGuards™ gives you the explosive edge you’ve always wanted. 


With better balance you’ll step when you want to step, move when you want to move and stand your ground when it counts the most. Improved balance and alignment can mean increased accuracy, and a more consistent, centred performance.


Being more agile means staying light on your toes and ready to make your move. Explode from a stand still, stop on a dime and take your game to a whole new level with a little help from AgilityGuard.          

Endurance and Recovery

Play longer, run harder and increase your tolerance to take more pain. The pain that comes with being a champion. With help from AgilityGuards™ you may be able to train harder, recover faster and improve your performance where it counts. 

AgilityGuard Specific Experience and Expected Research

AgilityGuard users consistently report increased flexibility, balance, core strength and explosive power. A recent study published by Dr. Shaun Arents and others of Rutgers Univeristy. "Effects of a neuromuscular dentistry- designed mouthguard on muscular endurance and anaerobic power", Comparative Exercise Physiology, Cambridge University Press, 2010, suggests an enhancement in peak power output, performance and repeated maximal efforts by individuals using a mouthguard based on Dr Chan's techniques. Triumphant is looking at pursuing formal research on the potential of the AgilityGuard to improve flexibility, balance, endurance, recovery, core strength and stability among other attributes.

Important to Note

It is important to understand that each individual is different, and that only you can determine whether an AgilityGuard would provide any potential improvement in your athletic performance. This is best determined by you visiting an AgilityGuard dentist nearest you and having him or her perform the Agility Test on you. Only then should you make a decision to purchase an AgilityGuard.

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