Every great Tennis player is Agile, and they share a number of common attributes:

  • Flexibility; 
  • Good reaction time;
  • Changing body position in all directions;
  • Start, stop and change directions quickly;
  • Balance; and
  • Range of motion.

Strength and Power

In addition to the above, the ability to hit the ball with strength and power increases your chances of getting it beyond the reach of the opposing player.

Speed and Acceleration

The tennis court is a large area, and games are won or lost by the ability to get to the ball. The ability to accelerate rapidly, stop and change directions can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

Balance and Flexibility

You move around rapidly, and are always in motion. Balance is crucial to keeping you on your feet and to giving you the leverage in any position to return the ball with force and direction.   

Endurance and Recovery

Play longer, run harder and increase your tolerance to take more pain. The pain that comes with becoming a champion. With help from AgilityGuard™ you may be able to train harder, recover faster and improve your performance where it counts.

We do not have empirical evidence to support enhanced endurance and recovery, but have been told by users that they have found that they have better endurance and recover more quickly. These are areas that we would want to pursue for empirical evidence.

AgilityGuard Specific Experience and Expected Research

AgilityGuard users consistently report increased flexibility, balance, core strength and explosive power. A recent study published by Dr. Shaun Arents and others of Rutgers Univeristy. "Effects of a neuromuscular dentistry- designed mouthguard on muscular endurance and anaerobic power", Comparative Exercise Physiology, Cambridge University Press, 2010, suggests an enhancement in peak power output, performance and repeated maximal efforts by individuals using a mouthguard based on Dr Chan's techniques. Triumphant is looking at pursuing formal research on the potential of the AgilityGuard to improve flexibility, balance, endurance, recovery, core strength and stability among other attributes.

Important to Note

It is important to understand that each individual is different, and that only you can determine whether an AgilityGuard would provide any potential improvement in your athletic performance. This is best determined by you visiting an AgilityGuard dentist nearest you and having him or her perform the Agility Test on you. Only then should you make a decision to purchase an AgilityGuard.

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