Say goodbye to average and hello to all of the below. Discover what many of today’s professional athletes already know. With AgilityGuard™ on your side, the way you perform will never be the same.

Elana A Meyers

"Performance and protection. In recent competition, we had the fastest push times every run - pretty exciting stuff - all wearing AgilityGuard. Furthermore, my first run on the track I crashed and hit my head pretty hard. I'm confident that wearing my AgilityGuard helped me not sustain more serious injuries."

USA Bobsled, Bronze Medalist, Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Katie Uhlaender   Skeleton   Weightlifting

Katie Uhlaender

"In both my sports, power, speed and agility are key. For me, it's all about performance and AgilityGuard gives me that performance. Whether you are an everyday athlete or and elite athlete, AgilityGuard will get you results!"

2-Time Olympian & 2-Time World Cup Champion (Skeleton), Olympic Weightlifting Hopeful

Performance Benefits:


It’s the core of every hardcore athlete. And every little bit helps. With AgilityGuard on your side, you’ll have an immediate advantage over your opponent from training day straight through to event day.


Imagine always being one step ahead. Accelerating, reacting, and competing faster than before. Improve your overall speed and reaction time and you’ll improve the way you play. In a sport where tenths or even hundredths of a second can make all the difference, AgilityGuard™ gives you the explosive edge you’ve always wanted.


At breakneck speeds, balance and control are particularly vital. With better balance, overall technique and cornering can be optimized. Improved balance and alignment can mean better racing lines, and a more consistent, centred performance.


Being more agile means staying light on your toes and ready to make your move. Exploding off the start, split-second reactions while in dynamic motion and making the all important race adjustments are all within your reach with a little help from AgilityGuard™.          

Endurance and Recovery

Play longer, run harder and increase your tolerance to take more pain. The pain that comes with being a champion. With help from AgilityGuard™ you’ll be able to train harder, recover faster and improve your performance where it counts.

Important to Note

It is important to understand that each individual is different, and that only you can determine whether an AgilityGuard would provide any potential improvement in your athletic performance. This is best determined by you visiting an AgilityGuard dentist nearest you and having him or her perform the Agility Test on you. Only then should you make a decision to purchase an AgilityGuard.