No matter what your sport is, the precision crafted AgilityGuard can truly help you to change your game for the better. Here's what AgilityGuard users have to say:

I consider AgilityGuard an essential piece of equipment

Giddeon Massie

2-time Olympian & 16-time National Indoor Cycling Sprint Champion

The AgilityGuard is incredible. It helps me reach my peak potential every time I step onto the field. My AgilityGuard fits so perfectly, I don't even notice it's on. And when I land some serious hits on the field, it helps absorb the contact which I believe helps me to reduce the risk of a concussion. The AgilityGuard is a true benefit to my game.

Stevenson Sylvester

Pro Football Player (NFL) - Pittsburgh Steelers (#55 Linebacker)

The AgilityGuard has had an extremely noticeable and positive effect on my abilities as a triathlete. It has created an immediate increase in both my short-term and prolonged power outputs. This increased strength has directly translated to greater speed on my run, a better power-to-weight ratio on my bike, and prolonged muscular endurance evident in my swim, bike, and run.

Matt Chabrot

Former World Number 1 Tri-Athlete, 2010 Chicago Triathlon Champion

The AgilityGuard has had an extremely noticeable and positive effect on my abilities as a triathlete. It has created an immediate increase in both my short-term and prolonged power outputs. This increased strength has directly translated to greater speed on my run, a better power-to-weight ratio on my bike, and prolonged muscular endurance evident in my swim, bike, and run.

Mark Fretta

Former World Number 1 Tri-Athlete, 2010 Chicago Triathlon Champion

This mouthpiece is for real. I notice instant improvements in my balance, reflexes, power and endurance. AgilityGuard has definitely made me a more complete boxer.

Bermane "B-Ware" Stiverne

Heavyweight Champ: WBA International, WBC/USNBC, WBA Fedelatin

Agility Guard is now my secret weapon of choice. Never having experienced any issues or problems with my mouth or jaw, I was skeptical at how the AG would improve my performance. I put the trust in my coach though, as he was absolutely convinced I needed one. After having the AG for 6 weeks now and using it regularly in training (both in the weight room and on my bike for interval sessions) I have been mesmerized with the results. First off, I notice a much improved sense of balance and center of gravity. This was not something I struggled with before, but now I feel so "planted" on the bike or on the leg sled as if I my hips weigh 1000 pounds and nothing can knock me off center. Its very settling to feel this way. Second, I notice a different calm about which I perform my training. With the AG in my mouth I experience this smooth, controlled calm confidence and my mind is centered and never struggling or in panic mode. Before AG, when I would get to my last few lifts or last interval, I would feel stressed and shaky and concerned that I would not be able to finish the set strong, or be able to do it at all. Now with AG I feel like I could always do another interval or set, AFTER I am finished with the work for the day. Its amazing. I am a big fan and I will not perform my event without my AG in my mouth and I cant wait to take it to the Olympics and tell other athletes about it from many other sports. Thank you AG!!

Dotsie Bausch

Current World Record holder - Team Pursuit, 6-Time National Champion, 2011 World Championship Silver Medalist, 2012 London Olympic Bound

I recently participated in the Revolver World Championship having not shot a revolver in approximately one year. With zero expectations and very little practice I came home with a 2nd place finish. The AgilityGuard was a huge help especially with regard to hand strength - no fatigue and no muscle failure. This is huge!

Julie Golob

Pro Cyclist

Before I started using the AgilityGuard, I was using a football mouthpiece that never felt right. The AgilityGuard is very comfortable and within the first month of using it, I noticed an increase in my strength in the weight room, speed and an overall increase in my discus throwing. I can breathe better and have more energy.

Jarred Rome

Olympian, 2-Time National Champ, 4-Time World Team Member

I endorse, use and love the AgilityGuard. Don't ever see myself riding without one!

Lucas Euser

Pro Cyclist

In both my sports, power, speed and agility are key. For me, it's all about performance and AgilityGuard gives me that performance. Whether you are an everyday athlete or and elite athlete, AgilityGuard will get you results!

Katie Uhlaender

2-Time Olympian & 2-Time World Cup Champion (Skeleton), Olympic Weightlifting Hopeful

Within about 20 minutes of using AgilityGuard for the first time, I noticed improved mechanics on the bike. I have found myself much more centered on the saddle and less sore after training or competitions. My body recovers faster and without the fatigue commonly experienced. Further, my abdomen and back have gained strength as muscle recruitment from these areas has improved. Overall, I am recovering much faster between rides thanks to the improvement in efficiency with AgilityGuard.

Dave Wenger

USA Cyclist, 2011 Men's Elite Criterium Winner, USA Cycling Road National Championships

The AgilityGuard continues to amaze me. I now have a mouthguard that is both protective and performance enhancing. Consider that shooting at speed is directly related to controlling recoil, and to do this strength is a factor. AgilityGuard allows me to have better transmission of nerve impulses that control a large portion of the motor functions I use during shooting. My grip strength, ability to get more aggressive on the gun, and my ability to shoot faster and maintain accuracy all improve with AgilityGuard!

Mike Seeklander

Nationally-Ranked Performance Shooter, Director of Training - United States Shooting Academy

As a skier, even the slightest amount of help can make a big difference. A half-second, tenth or even a hundredth of a second can make the difference between 1st and 5th. In my first race with my AgilityGuard, I noticed that the more I bit down, the quicker my movements felt. AgilityGuard enhances the talent already there and has improved my concentration and focus while in action.

Ariana Wong

Ski Cross

Yesterday we did weights for the first time in a month and noticed a great difference in my balance and connected power thru the movements (i.e. lunges felt smooth and snappy without any sign of a collapse thru the upper body). Running is a lot smoother too. One the ice becoming more and more balanced with a greater connection, partly by what I am focusing on in training sessions and having the alignment with the AgilityGuard so my body agrees with the new emphasis.

Liam Ortega


I had been using the AgilityGuard for 6 weeks in a base strength training cycle and decided to put it to the test on a familiar course with the same objectives I had in the past. The results were amazing in performance number terms and, as a coach, to see such a jump in base strength was unbelievable. The AgilityGuard has the potential to help every athlete in every sport, particularly cycling.

Bert Glennon

2-Time World Masters Cycling Champion, California Elite Medalist, Australian State Champion

The AgilityGuard gives me an undeniable edge over my competitors. It has made a huge impact on my game, especially with my balance and hand speed. I won't play without it!

Justin Guillen

Trinidad & Tobago and West Indies "A" Cricket Team

Performance and protection. In recent competition, we had the fastest push times every run - pretty exciting stuff - all wearing AgilityGuard. Furthermore, my first run on the track I crashed and hit my head pretty hard. I'm confident that wearing my AgilityGuard helped me not sustain more serious injuries.

Elana A Meyers

USA Bobsled, Bronze Medalist, Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Using the AgilityGuard has been invaluable to my training. Especially when I'm lifting weights. I feel like I have better core stability, strength, balance, and even confidence. I wear my AgilityGuard all the time running, jumping, and lifting. AgilityGuard has given me great help and support, and I believe will be the reason why I will be succeeding in my sport in the future.

Jamie Nieto

USA High Jumper, Athens 2004 Olympics

The AgilityGuard is a vital training tool. As soon as I started using it, I noticed increases in my weightroom numbers, balance and overall body awareness. In a sport where medals are won by centimeters, every little advantage counts...AgilityGuard has given me an edge against my competitors that could make the difference between Silver and Gold.

Mike Hazle

Javelin - Olympian, National Champion, World Championship Team Member, Pan Am Games Silver Medalist

As an elite endurance athlete, you get to know your body and mind pretty well. As I began the 4 day adventure race in Chile, I was not sure what to expect with AgilityGuard. What came about during a 10.5 hour run on day 3, then a 5 hour run on day 4 was something I can hardly explain. With AgilityGuard, we ran fast, we glided and we leaped for 10 hours to a resounding victory.

Paul Romero

Elite Endurance/Adventure Racing, Mt. Everest Summiteer

Real life field tested over 20 hours of adventure running with a heavy pack..it WORKS! I can honestly say I am at a lifetime best fitness right now and I believe the AgilityGuard has alot to do with that.

I have used it for almost every swim session in the last 8 weeks and swimming is where I have made the most improvement. Breathing with it is no different for me if I am using it. I have noticed when swimming that my neck and shoulders are much more relaxed and my core is aligned from head to toe which helps my body position in the water. I am swimming faster but the biggest difference is that I can hold my relative speed for much, much longer. That is specific to the nature of long course triathlon swimming! On long rides or runs I take out the AG when I need to eat. No time lost and I have done many sessions over 8hrs like this without dropping it or having issues eating or drinking.

Slater Fletcher

Ironman, Elite Endurance/Adventure Racing

I picked up my AgilityGuard a few days before the State TT Championships but was reluctant to wear it... I said, "what the hell" and gave it a shot. Well... I PR'd and won the California State Time Trial Championships! My power increase was 30 watts higher than last year. The AgilityGuard is my new best friend.

Kirk Bausch

Masters Cyclist, Winner 2011 California Time Trials

When my strength and conditioning coach John Schaeffer first told me about the AgilityGuard, I was a little skeptical. After training and fighting with an AG, I' ve noticed a significant improvement in my balance, breathing and most of all - power. I am able to "go lower" into my punches, and deliver them with more devastating power. With my AG, I now feel complete. I have won my last 3 fights by KO and improved my record to 17-0. As a result, I am soon to be fighting for a world title.The AgilityGuard is now an essential part of my equipment. For any athlete wanting to perform better or to take their training to the next level - get yourself an AgilityGuard!

Gabriel "Tito" Bracero

Undefeated Junior Welterweight

I think the AgilityGuard is the perfect addition to ski racing. With my mouthpiece in, it's easy to focus, reflexes are quick, balance is good and I can slow the race down in my head as I compete. I felt it first-hand - I did some control runs without AgilityGuard and couldn't imagine making the finals without it.

Karen Lundgren

Ski Racing, Adventure Racer, Mt. Everest Summiteer

I have noticed a significant improvement in my balance, strength, breathing, posture, and technique. Whether our training day consists of weightlifting, extensive bike rides, on-ice workouts, or dryland (off-ice) workouts, I always use my AgilityGuard. My mouthpiece allows me to skate lower, faster, and effortlessly, as well as giving me the ability to bring my heart rate down faster post-workout. The first day training with my mouthpiece on-ice, I instantly shaved a half second off of my fastest lap time. The last competition of the season, in which I wore my Agility Guard, I took over a half second off of my 500-meter personal best, two full seconds off of my 1000-meter, and over two seconds off of my 1500-meter personal. You do the math

Kimani Griffin

US Short Track Speedskater, 2006-2007 USA Junior World Team Member

The AgilityGuard helps me in those aspects of my skating that demand explosive power, like starting and sprinting. I am noticing a difference when pushing off each stride. Importantly, my AgilityGuard allows me to get into a lower position and become more balanced, leading to better overall dry land exercising.

Jessica Smith

US Short Track Speedskater, Multiple-Time World and US Inline Skating Champion

My AgilityGuard kept me physically ready all season and I couldn't imagine competing without it. Improved flexibility, strength and balance...my secret weapon will always be my AgilityGuard

Thomas Parachou

USA Snowboarder

The most important aspects of pole vault are the run and the take-off. The AgilityGuard has helped me in both of these areas. I have a more secure core making the run more powerful and efficient. For the take-off I am more sturdy and able to push bigger poles more confidently. My whole vault has been changing in a good way since I started using the guard.

Becky Holliday

Pole Vault - 2003 NCAA Champion, World Championship Team Member, Bronze 2010 Indoor Championship

I definitely like the way it feels off the start. There have been a few times when I have forgotten it and it now feels uncomfortable to do a gate without it. I also find AgilityGuard helps with my drive in corners. I can feel my core tighten when I bite down on it and psychologically it makes me feel powerful. I recently broke my course record while wearing AgilityGuard so I think its safe to say I'm sold!

Arielle Verhaaren Martin

USA Olympian - BMX, 2008 UCI SX World Cup Champ, 2009 UCI SX World Champs Bronze

Dr. Curtis Chan must have thought I had been breathing the laughing gas as my grin was so wide. Dr. Chan made the mistake of asking how it felt, I was speechless and just walked over and gave him a hug, not something I thought I would do at a Dentist office EVER.

Bert Glennon

World Masters Gold Medalist Cyclist and Cycling Coach