Lab Partners

Triumphant is proud of our strategic alliances with best-of-class companies, institutions and organizations. We encourage best-of-class Dental Labs who are interested in being trained and certified to fabricate AgilityGuards to contact Nigel Gray at 1-877-331-0028, or email [email protected] 

Space Maintainers Laboratories

"We are pleased and proud to partner with AgilityGuard in the long-overdue, much anticipated launch of this groundbreaking new technology. AgilityGuard is an advancement whose time has come."

Logo Space Maintainers Lab CaWith five locations throughout the United States, six facilities in Canada, and one in Australia and Taiwan (respectively), Space Maintainers Laboratories constitutes the largest grouping of orthodontic/pediatric/appliance therapy laboratories in the world. We specialize in the design and construction of every type of appliance – final retainers; fixed appliances; bruxism and TMD splints; functional appliances; mouthguards; snoring and OSA appliances; treatment/temporary partials and study models. In addition, we offer many proprietary designs and are proud to be joining with AgilityGuard in this new paradigm-shifting enterprise.

For over 50 years, dentists have relied on our singular attention to detail, our timely deliveries and our dependable, courteous service. They have trusted our complete appliance services, expert advice and user-friendly programs to further their success, and will continue to do so for the next 50 years and beyond.

Space Maintainers is part of The Appliance Therapy Group (ATG). The Appliance Therapy Group is comprised of five companies and offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, Taiwan and Malaysia. It services more than 150,000 dentists and orthodontists worldwide, providing direct and personal access to everything required for success in appliance therapy – continuing education; specialized reference manuals; in-depth consultation and troubleshooting; diagnosis and treatment planning; appliance design and construction; adjustment procedures; products and supplies; practice-building advertising and publicity.

Las Vegas Esthetics (LVE)


Since Las Vegas Esthetics' founding in 1997, the cornerstone of our philosophy - to consistently provide excellent products and service - has remained in place. Guided by this philosophy, we develop superior, high-end products for our clients every day. To that end, we have worked very closely with Dr. Chan and Dr. Andary, with assistance from our fellow Labs, Space Maintainers and Esthetic Alliance, to develop the exacting methodology by which AgilityGuards are fabricated.

A dental laboratory acclaimed for its exacting standards, LVE remains squarely focused on providing superior service to the dental community. We believe that the most effective way to do this is to form a partnership with you, the dentist, so that you and your clients can fully benefit from our unparalleled experience and expertise. We strive to be more than your dental lab; we want to be a valuable, knowledgeable partner that anticipates your needs and consistently delivers effective and innovative products.

We define a successful case as one in which the restoration is precise, your chair time is minimal and your patient is thrilled with the results. Delivering successful cases to exacting standards is what we do, for you and your patients, every day.

Esthetic Alliance

Esthetic Alliance Logo  Png

Esthetic Alliance dental lab was formed by dentists for dentists. By having experienced cosmetic and reconstructive Gneuromuscular dentists on staff, Esthetic  Alliance is bridging the gap between the doctor and technician. Constant feed back and oversight between the doctor and laboratory technician have made Esthetic Alliance unique amongst dental labs. Having been personally trained by Dr. Clayton Chan, the Esthetic Alliance technicians are current on the latest Gneuromuscular protocols.