On game-day, you expect nothing less than to put your best foot forward.
That’s why each AgilityGuard™ is precision-fit to exacting
standards designed to optimize athletic performance.

Your Sport, Your AgilityGuard™

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The Phi AgilityGuard offers sports performance benefits to a wide range of amateur and competitive athletes wanting to take their games to the next level. Based on the scientific principles and optimal alignment techniques developed by Dr. Clayton Chan, each Phi AgilityGuard is custom designed to approximate your unique “optimal alignment signature” - a jaw position that helps to unlock your true athletic potential. The process of determining your Phi bite is less involved than that of other AgilityGuard bites, and is intended to reflect an approximation of your Optimized Bite. 


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At the highest levels of sports, when only the best will do, the Trophy AgilityGuard must be considered essential equipment. The Trophy AgilityGuard, we believe, represents the pinnacle in performance AgilityGuards and is designed for those who demand the highest performance standards. Using the highly-refined techniques developed by Dr. Chan, and specialized technology to precisely determine optimized position of the lower jaw, each Trophy AgilityGuard is calibrated to optimal standards.